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Digital Versions of Popular Board Games

These seven games we offer you have many fans who can now play anytime they want their digital versions with or without their friends. On a tablet or smartphone, with or without an Internet connection, a game starts in a few seconds and pauses if necessary! Digital versions are practical and make it easier to learn the rules or new extensions. For more comfortable play and better experience, the tablet is obviously the most suitable device. A 10-inch tablet model in high definition is perfectly fine. Placed in the middle of the table, the players get around and play as on the physical version. All these games are available on Android in the store.

Catan Universe

The settlers of Catan have been trying to colonize their islands for over 23 years already. This game, created by Klaus Teuber in 1995 is now available in digital form. Catan is a tactical game in which one must accumulate resources in clay, wheat, wood wool, ore or gold to build roads and settlements, then develop them.

The digital version offers a multiplayer mode to face real opponents. The game is more fun to play on a tablet to better visualize its territories and resources.

Free with in-app purchases


The famous game, invented by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede in the 2000s, is now available in 3D. As in the board game, we must build villages, roads, and abbeys and take control of the best territories. 3D modeling gives an animated and interactive side to the game and allows you to learn all the tactical subtleties at your own pace. It’s also the ideal game to play around the tablet.

€ 7.99

Ticket to Ride, or the Adventurers of Rail

Raiders of the Rail, the exciting and popular game in board game fans, is available under its English name in the Play Store. The game is exactly the same as in the board game; you have to connect places with cars on the map to create the longest routes and win as many points as possible. The application allows you to play solo or in multiplayer mode with real opponents. Playing on a smartphone, it’s not so easy to visualize all the cards, including the objectives. That is no problem when playing on tablet; in fact, it’s a real pleasure!

€ 4.99

7 Wonders

No need to find two more playmates to play the excellent 7 Wonders game created by Antoine Bauza. With the digital version, you will always have online players ready to fight, either in multiplayer mode or against artificial intelligence. It’s up to you to build a marvel of the ancient world. As in the board game, only the points count at the end. To accumulate a maximum of points, you will develop science, buildings, trade and try to build your marvel while recruiting an army. Fortunately, a tutorial will help you to understand the rules of the game. The Repos Production editor offers Leaders and Cities extensions, which also exist in the tray version, to never get bored.

€ 5.49


If you were addicted to Cluedo, you will love the game of Libellud: Mysterium. Launched in 2016, the plateau version even won the Golden Ace of the Year at the Cannes International Games Festival. A little long to put it in digital form, fans will be happy to play it now, thanks to the application launched by Asmodee. It’s up to you to find who killed, where, and with what weapon. An amnesiac ghost tries to help you with visual cues: fortunately, you are a medium.

€ 4.99

Risk: Global Domination

The endless games of Risk are now played on a smartphone to conquer the world. Strategy and patience will be needed as in the physical version of the game to take control of all territories. To win, you have to move your troops smartly by rolling their dice, but watch out for secret alliances when you play in multiplayer mode. At startup, you receive five Risk tokens then three others that will allow you to play free games. The Hasbro app offers a single player mode, a multiplayer mode on the same device, an online mode and a last mode for playing with friends online.


The classic dual ball is easier to play on your smartphone than on your tray! Abalone is a really good strategy game in which you have to manage to get out six balls of your opponent off the board by pushing them. The application of Asmodee allows you to train again and again to meet the challenges it proposes, to become champion of Abalone! You can play alone or in pairs on the same smartphone or online.