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Description:¬†Glowing spook helps you search for his 12 sons. Unlock pits and find bats, snakes and bones — let glowing board’s eeire flicker guide you. For 2 to 4 players, ages 6 and up. The Green Ghost haunted graveyard game made by Transogram is unique in many ways, but most importantly it is the only board game designed to be played in the dark! Several of the parts are made of a special material that retains light and glows mysteriously in the dark. Transogram mass-produced the game in 1965, then sold its toy interests to Marx Toys in 1970. In 1997 Marx Toys produced a 30th Anniversary edition of the game (MCMXCVII, Item #3905). Printed on this version of the box is, “Find Kelly the Ghost… if you DARE“. The 1965 box has “THE EXCITING GAME OF MYSTERY THAT GLOWS IN THE DARK.” Versions: There are several versions of the 1965 game, including U.S., Sears, Canadian, and even Australian. The differences between these are subtle, usually amounting to only minor differences in what’s printed on the outside of the box or the instruction pamphlet. The most common version of the game board has a red-spotted board. Rare is the brown spotted board. Most rare is the yellow-spotted board. Watch for cracks or breaks around the edges. Sometimes the tiny tabs break off the bottom of the shipwreck piece, haunted house, and gnarled tree; these help them stand on the game board. The ’65 version of the ghost features a metal clicker underneath; the ’97 version clicker is plastic and potentially more prone to breaking.