Green Ghost Game

The Best Board Games Ever Made – Reviews on Their Digital Version

Welcome to the best website for the Green Ghost game and other cool real-life or board games on PC. Here, we’ll go over the best digital games ever made, as well as other real-life board games, and of course, we’ll talk about the incredible Green Ghost game.

We truly know the emotional and social value of board games, including the modern and digital board games on PC which is why we constantly review, try new ones and eventually give out suggestions for those who are worthy of your time and investment.

So, if you have a board game collection at home, or you play board games on PC, stay with us, we can offer you a wonderful, magical journey in the world of board games.


About Green Ghost Game

Unlike the new and best digitalized games that we stumble upon nowadays, the olden days had board games to offer to the youth for them to play, and one of the most popular games especially in the olden days was the Green Ghost game. This game was first published in 1995, and it was a huge hit the moment it aired. Nowadays, people who know the value of older games continue to play it, although it is somewhat hard to find in modern board game stores.

The green ghost is a game that can be played by a maximum of 4 players, and the thing that makes it unique is that it should be played in the dark. As such, it offer tremendous excitement and it can be somewhat scary for some people.


Most Popular Board Games Ever Made

Board games have been an incredibly fun way of entertainment for many years now, and some have been so popular, they’ve won over the mass audience of the world. Here, we present to you the most popular, top-listing board games ever made in history.


This 2-player game is an incredibly fun one because it involves a lot of strategy and thinking, yet it isn’t too complicated to learn. It is played on a simple chessboard with checkered tiles.


A fun family board game that can be played with many players.


If you want to learn geography, war strategy and play a nice competitive game, this is your best choice.


Learning spelling, new words and competing with your friend is something that can happen by playing a Scrabble board game.

The Settlers of Catan

As a fairly new board game with numerous things happening and a lot of adventure, the Settlers of Catan is a worthy game to play.

Play Free Online Board Games on Your PC

The board games online are the best digital things you can do in the modern era while enjoying your favorite board game. There are great board games on PC that you can play, and these PC board games have the best digital effects that can make your experience realistic and wholesome. This is because the traditional strategic and non-strategic board games have been an inspiration for PC board games. These digital versions can have the whole thing – like you can play the regular scrabble online with people from throughout the world, or they can be themed – like the best digital board games available at legal online casinos for players. We can help you find out the best online casino games powered by Microgaming technology by offering you to read the latest reviews by experts and experienced players. These legal online casino websites offer an abundance of themed games featuring the most popular board games, and you get to play these board games easily, without downloading anything, at a legal online casino – and win real money prizes while playing these casino games.

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Reviews on The Best Digital Versions

We previously mentioned that board games have their digital versions, allowing players to enjoy their favorite games in their digital versions. Thanks to the best digital versions of these games, board game lovers can enjoy playing adventurous games without having to leave their home, or have friends come by to play games. Some of the games are single-player or you get to play against the computer, so you get to pause the game whenever you like and continue again. But, the board games on PC are a big deal amongst the board-game society.

For instance, such games featuring the best digital single-player and against the PC are chess, scrabble and even Risk and Monopoly. On the other hand, if you like, you can play these games against real people from throughout the world. Playing Risk is quite fun, as you get to strategize, and there are great mobile versions of the game too. The same goes for Scrabble and Monopoly too.

Currently the Settlers of Catan has a digital version, but we believe that it can be improved. Also, you need to pay to play the whole game.